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Our purpose

The Simplify & Save team is a dedicated group of individuals who strive to provide Canadian readers the most important and impactful financial advice that will help you live a prosperous lifestyle. Our exhaustively compiled data, content, reviews, and opinions are offered to you to digest absolutely free. We will never ask for compensation.

Bringing it together

We spend every working hour of our day remaining up to date on the latest trends in the Canadian financial industry. We perform deep research into credit cards, mortgages, loans, investments and banks — while trying to decipher the clutter — and present it in an easy to understand format. As always, we believe there is never a cookie-cutter solution to ones financial goals and aspirations. That means we remain mindful that it is important to highlight more than one option when discussing a particular focus topic. For each story we publish you will learn the good and bad that comes with it. You, the visitor are our most important asset and are how we measure our success. If our advice does not allow you to become successful than we have failed our mission. And we will do everything it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How we make money

We believe in creating and nurturing respectful partnerships with other like minded individuals and businesses. We do not accept compensation from shady industries or non compliant run-the-mill businesses. Having said this, they are what keep us going and put food on the table.

Without their support and you we wouldn’t be able to continue calling this beautiful place we know and love as Simplify & Save, our home.

The bulk of our revenue comes from advertisements but on the rare occasion we do receive commissions from products we endorse. Rest assured we never promote something we do not strongly believe in.

In the end, we’re all in this together to create a thriving community of informed and savvy financial beings! Because we all dream of financial freedom!

Why we do this

This has always been our passion. Through life we’ve seen the hardship that uneducated people can face when they are unaware of the importance of finance. Our society has many traps that can lead you to a never ending cycle of debt, or even worse, bankruptcy. And we’re tired of seeing this happen time and time again.