HBC Credit Card Review

If you are looking to earn reward points from Hudson’s Bay, the HBC credit card offered by the Hudson’s Bay Financial Group is the best way to go. The credit card is associated with the loyalty rewards program of the company that operates retail stores all over Canada. Known for its fur trading business, Hudson’s Bay Company has its departmental stores all over Canada and sells handbags, women’s and men’s clothing as well as footwear and housewares.

There are a lot of credit cards that offer distinct benefits. Some are great for travel, some offer excellent cashback reward points irrespective of the products purchased, some provide great discounts on dining and shopping. The HBC credit card is primarily meant for earning Hudson’s Bay reward points. The best part is that this credit card can also be used inside the Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada. The reward points program is also included in the credit card, though it can be applied for separately as well.

Card Overview

The HBC credit card is the best way to earn reward points for the Hudson’s Bay retail store. There is no welcome bonus or annual fee for this card for the customers, however, the reward points earned more than makes up for the lack of welcome bonus. For regular users, there are 2 points accrued for every dollar spent while for credit cardholders, each dollar spent can earn a maximum of 4 reward points. There is a regular rewards points program that the Hudson’s Bay stores offer for customers that shop in the outlet. By applying for the HBC credit card, the cardholders can double the reward points they earn.

There is no time limit up to which the customers can earn or redeem their reward points. Let’s take a look at some of the features, benefits and disadvantages of the HBC credit card.

Annual Fee and Welcome Bonus

The HBC credit card comes at no additional cost and no annual fee. It’s free for the lifetime of the customer, as long as they hold it.

However, there is also no welcome bonus that comes with this card. This is the one feature that’s different from other credit cards that come with attractive welcome bonus reward points to lure customers into applying for them.

Interest Rates and Balance Payment

The annual interest rate on the HBC credit card is 29.9% by default. It does not change for any individual. However, there are certain perks of paying the balance on time. For cardholders that pay their balance before the due date, they can avail an interest-free grace period of 21 days for all purchases made after the previous balance was due. However, this period is not applicable if there is any cash advance on the card or the balance from previous payment cycle is being carried forward.

Reward Points Earned

The HBC credit card offers the cardholders up to four reward points for every dollar spent on the card. The reward points are valid for accrual for all purchases made online as well as in Hudson’s Bay stores. For purchases done everywhere else, the customers are eligible to earn two additional points.

There is also a provision to earn a $10 gift card for every 2,000 reward points accumulated. So, for example, if you purchase products worth $500, you’ll earn 2,000 reward points which makes you eligible for a savings gift voucher of $10.

If you want to earn even more reward points, you can use the HBC credit card at exclusive events of the Hudson’s Bay store. The HBC users are informed about these events when they sign up on thebay.com, the official website of the Hudson’s Bay company. The customers that sign up on the website get free shipping as well as the freedom of returning products up to 90 days.

Difference Between HBC Credit Card and HBC MasterCard

People often confuse the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard with the Hudson’s Bay credit card. There is a significant difference between the two in terms of applicability of usage and rewards points earned.

The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard is a regular card that can be used anywhere, both online and offline. The Hudson’s Bay credit card can only be used on specific platforms including the official website thebay.com, Home Outfitters and Hudson’s Bay outlets.

In terms of rewards points, the MasterCard users earn 2 reward points for each dollar spent on the card purchases made in non-Hudson’s Bay stores. For the credit card holders, these reward points get doubled and each dollar spent earns 4 reward points.

The only caveat here is that even though these are two separate cards with different features, to earn the store points for the HBC credit card, the customer must possess a Hudson’s Bay MasterCard and show that at the outlet. For all other stores, there is no need to use the credit card and the points get added to the account associated automatically.

Redemption of Reward Points

The reward points earned through the HBC credit card can be earned on the online site, Hudson’s Bay stores and Home Outfitters.

The reward points earned can also be converted into AirMiles if you are a frequent traveller. 40 reward points can be converted into 1 mile and in case you have an AirMiles Gold or Onyx membership, you are also eligible to receive an additional 15-25% bonus miles.

Pros and Cons of HBC Credit Card


  • No annual fee on the card.
  • Double reward points for all credit cardholders.
  • There is no time limit on the accumulation of the reward points.
  • An excellent option for people who shop extensively from Hudson’s Bay stores.
  • Coupled with the HBC MasterCard, the credit card can be also be used on third-party stores.
  • Gift cards worth $10 accrue for every 2000 dollars spent.


  • No welcome bonus.
  • The interest rate is extremely high at 29.99%.
  • Can only be used at Hudson’s Bay stores and website.


For customers that are regular shoppers at Hudson’s Bay and Home Outfitters, the HBC Credit Card offers the best proposition with one of the highest rewards points conversion rate. While it is exclusive to HBC, with the company’s MasterCard, the points from third-party purchases can also be added. If you fit the category, this is definitely a credit card worth checking out.